In a global market as we are nowadays, it is essential for enterprises to have access anytime to the products they need. Equally, each company needs a window on their customers, even those they probably ignore yet.

From this real need was born Koneg: a concrete answer to the need of connecting customer and supplier.
Composed by a team of mechanical engineering experts, Koneg is not a group of agents, but a business network that can boost your business to new levels.


In a hyper-connected market, you can not risk your business being cut off. In order to meet the constant demand for supply and demand, this is the heart of the Koneg network. The key to connecting the business of multiple companies, all over the globe.

Highly skilled in mechanical engineering (but not limited to), the Koneg network professionals can help your company finding the products they need on the market. Likewise, they can provide visibility to the company with an excellent product but without a structured market at international level.

One of the key hubs on which the Koneg network is based is precisely the experience of its members in the specific field of mechanical engineering. Professionals for years built and rooted in this field, Koneg consultants are a valuable resource for your business.

High professionalism and proven know-how help your business not only in product intermediation but also in industry-specific technical consultancy. In Koneg we know that the key to success is specialization and high quality. That’s why we put our knowledge to the service of your business.

The sales process does not end with the termination of a contract and the purchase of a product by the customer. It is well-known that nowadays, after sale service makes the difference. In this context, companies need to use a reliable and efficient service.

Just as for a product, there is a need for an effective matching between demand and offer. Also with regard to service, it is a real product subject to market laws, indeed.
The Koneg network is the concrete intermediation response that companies need, even in this respect.

Organizational realities, even the most advanced ones, often have a hidden potential. Frequently, in fact, you could expand your business, but you do not know neither you could nor the how. Here is where Koneg’s strategic consulting is located.

The professionals of the Koneg network, boast a great industry experience and extensive knowledge of the territory. From the alchemy of these two important resources, a strategic advisory service is created to analyze the territory, society and its potential. If you can expand your business, Koneg says how.

Professionalism, experience, and passion for what we do. Koneg is not a group of agents, but a powerful business network.
That’s why we do not rely on a mere pre-packaged brokerage, but we customize solutions from time to time to get the best possible result.


Detecting and fully understanding the specific needs is the basis for success. In Koneg we have made of this aspect our core value.


Moving without a clear strategy can bring very serious risks to your business. Koneg’s professionals know it, and carefully evaluate each case.


Based on the information acquired, we implement optimal strategies by creating a customized business bridge, in order to promote the best solutions for the parties involved.


The Koneg network boasts experienced professionals capillary present in its own territory, all over the world.
From Milan to Melbourne through Dubai and Kuala Lumpur, there is no business that your company can not reach.
Where there is an opportunity, you find Koneg. Here are some examples.



Koneg works mainly in mechanical engineering, maximizing knowledge and expertise in this field. If your firm wants to make a leap forward and expand its business, it is essential that you use highly qualified professionals. Koneg gives you this security.


Knowledge of the products, sense of belonging and passion are what distinguishes a businessman. Koneg’s professionals are this. Highly specialized figures with a wide technical knowledge of the products . If you’re dealing with a Koneg consultant you can feel comfortable: they know what you are talking about.


Koneg is not the classic over-structured reality and harassed by the bureaucracy, the exhausting delays and the poor communication with the customer. Koneg is a network. If you contact Koneg, you will be in contact with the nearest consultant to your needs. On your territory. Directly.


Koneg is a huge network. For this reason, there is no a headquarters. In Koneg we believe in the value of contact in the territory, as a starting point in a global perspective.
Please, contact us. We will put you through the most in-line consultant with your profile.

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